Where to learn SAP?

Where to learn SAP?

If you are reading this post, you probably have decided already to start your journey into becoming an SAP or IT consultant.

Just in case you still wonder why you should do it, or what SAP is, you can check my previous post here.

Now, if you wonder what skills are needed to enter the SAP/IT world, you can check our next post (coming up at a later date)

In particular, I can give you some alternatives to learn SAP (some of them for “free”).

Check up the following comparison between the different options, and leave us your comments if you would like to get more information about any of them!




In your company.

Learning SAP in your company could be a very good opportunity to jump start your career

–  It can be a very good opportunity if you are given the chance, as you have a real life project experience

–  It is free (for you)!

If you are in a Business area of the company or not in IT, it might not be easy for you to get access to see the configuration or “behind-the-scenes” action.

In this case the IT support team will be your best ally.


There are thousands of books and e-books that teach you about different technologies and SAP modules of in particular.

You can learn in a very short period of time the theory behind all the configuration/implementation of your chosen IT area or SAP module.

You will need to find a system where to practice (on your own).For some technologies like a new programming language, you can install them in your own laptop or PC.

As for SAP,  you will need a highly powered server, as it is a huge software and is not possible to install it on a laptop or regular PC at your home.

official courses

If you are interested on the official courses for your technology of choice, this is a good path, if your budget allows it.

The official courses of any technology normally are very good.

In particular for SAP most of the time the official courses are of very good quality, and now the new platform offers hands on options.

As with quality, with the official courses normally comes a higher cost.

NOTE: For SAP there is now the option of “Open SAP” courses, FREE lessons where you can get some understanding of the new technologies.

Affiliated courses

There are literally thousands of partners and different vendors you can choose from to study.

You can find courses of all ranges of budget (with the corresponding quality).

There are 100% online pre-recorded courses, as well as instructor –led courses.

Most information is only in English, which can be a drawback if it’s not your first language.

Not all courses offer a good quality, so you need to be very careful and check reviews about the course and the instructor reputation.

Consulting firm

“On the job” training.

You can start as a Jr. consultant on a company that offers  IT/ SAP services.

In a perfect scenario, when you start working in a consulting firm as a Junior Consultant, you will be paired with a more senior consultant, and you can learn from them.

If they have availability they can give you tips and tricks.

Entry salary is low.

Also, the perfect scenario of “on the job training” not always applies. A project it’s very fast paced and you need to complete the deliverables on time, which leaves very little time to mentor/coach someone new.

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