Which career path should I take? Business analyst, project manager, consultant?

Which career path should I take? Business analyst, project manager, consultant?

What career path should I take?

In recent days, we received a very interesting question from a LinkedIn Contact who currently works as a system administrator.

Now he wants to move away from the technical side, and venture more into the “business” side; however,  he isn’t sure what career path should he take.

He is unsure if a business analyst or project management role will be a good fit for him.

In our careers we have been luck to explore some of this roles: Programmer (when just starting), Business analyst, Project Manager, Freelance consultant, and Functional support, so we can explain (from our point of view) what you do on each side.

Pretty much a programmer programs, a business analyst analyses and a project manager manages! (just kidding).

Since we will like to explain in detail each one of the roles, to help this friend and others in the same situation, there will be several articles to identify the differences between this roles, so someone that is looking into transition to IT can determine what better fits their personality.


Let’s start!

  • Becoming a business analyst (Part 1/4)
  • Becoming a Project manager (part 2/4) – Coming soon!
  • Becoming a Freelance consultant (part 3/4 ) – Coming Soon!
  • Becoming a functional support (part 4/4) – Coming soon!

We hope you enjoy it and if its helpful for you (or not), we will love to hear back from you!

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“Hasta la vista, baby”.

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  • Eduardo Ascanio
    Posted at 21:53h, 23 January

    Hello Luz!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this, it was really helpfull for me and i hope it would be for other people too.

    Looking forward to see the next articles to keep learning more and more.

    Thank you again.

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